How To Know If Someone Likes You
How To Know If Someone Likes You

How To Know If Someone Likes You

1.He Treats you Differently

If a guy likes you, he starts behaving differently towards you. He will start acting nicer and more generous when you are around him Take notice of him especially when you are with your friends. Watch how he treats other girls. Is it similar or is he acting protective towards you.

2.He's Nervous Around You
This is especially true if you haven’t known one another for long. Most of the time guys aren't nervous around women they aren't interested in.

Does he get sweaty palms when you're together? Does he continously move around his chair? Does he nervously laugh when you're near? Does he start taking deep breaths and talk faster when you walk in?
These are signs that shows that he likes you.

3.He Notices When You Change Your Look
Did you do a makeover recently? Did you put a new makeup or changed your hair color? Maybe you changed the way you did your hair? 
Whatever it is, did he notice and stopped and stared for a while and complimented you? This is a big sign that he's interested in you.
This shows that he's paying special attention to how you look, which means that he's attracted to you. If he compliments you then its even better, that means he's truing to get closer to you.

4.He Gently Teases You
If he ever teases you, you should pay better pay attention.Is he playfully punching your arm? If he is, then he's just finding excuses to touch you.
If you don't react to his punch he might find more intimate ways of getting in contact with you, like occasionally brushing against you with his arms or legs. He might act cool without revealing that he likes you.

5.Does He Use Your Name More Often?
If a person likes you he will use your name more often. People will usually feel better when they call the ones they like by name.
When a person likes someone then they will most probably mention her in her absence. He will try to talk about his crush by saying anything related to her even if it wasn't a compliment.

6.Eye Contact
Eye contact is the most important things to notice about a guy. Many guys will try to secretly look at you when you're not watching and when you catch him in the act, he will look away quickly. This is a good sign! Moreover a confident guy will actually make and hold eye contact.
If you really want to "test him". Try this:
Look over his face for over 3-4 seconds(don't hold it too long!). After few seconds look back at him, if he holds eye contact he's definitely interested. If he glances towards your mouth he's really interested. 

7.Body Language
When he first sees you, what does he do? Does he fix his shirt, or straigten his tie, or does he make his hair? This is an obvious sign he's thinking about his appearance whil you're near - because he wants you to find him attractive.
Does he straighten his back when you walk into a room? According to body language a person's back become straight when he feels happy. So notice him next time when you come close to him if his back straighten its a powerful sign. 
Watch his hands, feet and legs when you are talking to him. If its pointed at you he's really interested in you. 
Does he touch his eyebrows? Does he touch his brows after you said something? This means that the thing you said appealed to him. If a person sees someone who looks really good, he might raise his eyebrows in surprise as soon as he sees her. Also see if his pupils become wider. A person's pupil dilates when he sees something that he likes. His eyes might shine in your presence.  

8.Spends His Time Doing Your Tasks
If he willingly says yes to everything you ask him to accomplish or do, he likes you. He most likely doesn't want to disappoint you by saying no.
A person who likes you will most probably spend most of his time getting your important tasks done. If he is sacrificing a lot of his time for you then it might be a sign of interest.

9.Smiling For No Reason
When you walk into the room does he always wear a smile on his face? The reason behind this is that they cannot hold their excitement everytime they see you. they might not be aware of what they are doing since it happens as an impulse, but other person including you notice the gesture. They smile from one end to the other as if they are being paid to maintain that posture everytime you are close to each other.

10.Acts Interested In The Same Things You're Interested In
A person who like another will want to find reason to talk to the other person. Does he act interested in things you're interested in even when he's never acted interested in them before? 
Lets say, you told him to watch a TV show because you love it. If it becomes his new favourite thing, chances are he's interested in you.
Is he taking interest in what you like? If he finds you listening to music, is he curious to find iut what you're listening to?
He will keep asking question as he wants to make the conversation last longer.
Some more
(a) He copies you:- If you make a gesture notice if he makes the same gesture soon after. He won't even know he's doing it as he's unconciously mirroring you.
(b) Treasure's your opinion:- Is he always seeking your opinion?
For example, in the middle of a conversation, he might ask if his outfits okay. Even though its obvious that he looked at the mirror before he left, he just want you to notice it.
(c) Thinks you are funny:- Does he laugh even if others are not laughing at the same joke that you told.
(d) Always wants to be around you:-Anytime you have time in your hand, he tries to find out if he can spend time with you cause he likes being with you.
Don't we all like to spend time with someone who makes us feel good and happy?

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